lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Traffic Cams Widget

A widget that alerts and displays the nearest cameras from you.

Just look at the screen and see your location and nearest cameras, if you want more information touch the camera to show the last snapshot or press the map to access to the full power of Google Maps.

You can see the position of five cameras at the same time, or configure your prefered number of them.

North America cities supported:
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Portland, El Paso, Minneapolis, Tampa, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Orlando, Kansas, San Antonio, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Austin, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tucson, Milwaukee, Louisville, Fresno, Chattanooga, Colorado Springs, Boise, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Otawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Quebec, and Kelowna.

Works like a GPS Widget with camera traffic detection on your phone desktop.

Satellite and Road map Supported, Maps from Google, Yahoo (No satellite map) and Bing.

The blue arrow direction shows your direction and the colored lines indicate the direction and the cameras that are nearest from you.

Always the red camera the closest camera, and them blue, green, yellow and magenta

Possibility of adjust the size map to the widget manually if is needs.

More than 3000 cameras.

Images sourced from diverse municipalities website.

Some camera images will not be available due maintenance or climate conditions.

How to install:

Step 1: Go to the home screen(desktop phone).

Step 2: Go to the menu and tap “Add” option.

Step 3: Tap on the “Widgets” option.

Step 4: Select and Pick the Traffic Cams Widget.

Step 5: Wait few seconds to load the map, camera, and GPS.


Supporting Multiple Screens Resolutions.

Android 1.6 and later.

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